How to make Your Child Love Going Potty

How to make Your Child Love Going Potty


How to make your child love going potty” by Susan Urban

You will get three e-book files: PDF, ePub, and Mobi

Potty training a young child is a long process which can be frustrating. You’d like to know how to potty train your child but don’t have time to read endless books on the subject and try to get inside your child’s head? „How to make your child love going potty” is short and concise, giving you all the facts in one place.


If you are tired of constantly changing diapers, this may be the time to read this guide. Also, if you have noticed any signs that your child is annoyed by wearing a diaper - reach for the guide right now. This is the book that will make potty train your child possible, without losing your sanity.


In this potty training book, you will find all the information you need to successfully potty train your child.

  • How to recognize the right timing for the training?

  • Where to start?

  • When and how praise the child?

  • What is most important in potty training?

There are also many potty training tips, making the process more comfortable for you and the baby. You will also find „what not to do” list, that is very important during the training.


In theory, you should give it a try at two and a half years, but if there are some signals from the baby, you can try sooner. If you’ve noticed that the diaper is bothering your child - this may be the hint to start the training.

No fuss, no drama, just good old-fashioned common sense, written in style, which is easy to follow and digest. Buy this guide and start the stress-free training tomorrow!

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