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Publishing Process

There are nine steps that our team take to publish your book

Step 1 - Text


When you send us your manuscript, our task is to read it and recognize the potential market. Then the entire text must go through the editing and copywriting process. If your book is in a language other than English we cooperate with professional translators who will make your book grammatically error-free and stylistically pleasant to read. In short, our specialty and aim is to make your book the best quality possible.


Step 2 - Title

If your book does not yet have a title, the second step is to come up with the best title possible. Even before seeing the cover, in most cases, the title is the first thing the reader sees or hears about. Getting the title right is possibly the most important single book marketing decision we will help you make (yes, it is an important part of marketing, even though most people don’t think about it in that way). Our aim is to find the best possible title for your book.


Step 3 - Cover Design


You can propose your own vision of your book cover or let our professional designers take care of it. Our team specializes in making eye-catching, interesting and appealing covers. More than any other single factor, your cover is one of the most important elements of production. The cover helps determine whether your book sells or not. The average customer spends eight seconds looking at the front cover and some fifteen seconds looking at the back. That is why the cover of your book must be able to catch people’s attention and gain their interest immediately.


Step 4 - Illustration & Graphics

Illustrations and graphics are essential and can add clarity and definition to many types of books. If your book needs illustrations, net-boss will take care of that too. Our illustration services include information graphics for scientific, business, health, or reference titles as well as full-color children’s book illustrations.


Step 5 - ISBN and EAN


Net-boss assigns and registers an ISBN ( International Standard Book Number ) and industry-compliant EAN Barcode for each format of your book. Each number is unique, consisting of a13 digit identification number given to books and other publications, including brochures, maps and educational films. The ISBN is primarily used for identification in publishing catalogs and booksellers' lists, the monitoring of sales data and management of royalties, as well as facilitates searches in library collections and online bookstores. This number is used by all distribution networks.


Step 6 - eBook Conversion

The next step is the conversion of your book to an eBook and its different formats: ePub, MOBI and PDF. To insure that all book formats work seamlessly regardless of the type of reader used, our team of qualified professionals take care of the conversion process.

Please note that while some content sites allow authors to upload their content directly for conversion, the author does not typically receive the converted files. Net-boss does not use any automatic converters. We prepare distribution files manually and then verify them on all types of devices. Authors always receive access to all converted files for free.


Step 7 - Audiobook Production


In today’s fast-paced society, increasingly more people are listening to books in digital audio format. Net-boss provides the following production services for digital-download audiobooks:

  • editing — generate an abridged version ready for audio production

  • recording — professional voice talent, recording studio, and producers

  • production — MP3 format

Costs associated with audiobook production depend on word count and production specifications. We work with the most talented and capable partners to deliver you the best possible product.


Step 8 - Print Version

To avoid generating unnecessary costs, we do not keep print books in stock. There is no longer the need for publishers to keep a stock of books in a warehouse waiting to be purchased. Today, most readers choose e-books and audiobooks, and for those who prefer the traditional book format, we print on demand. For this purpose, we cooperate with Amazon. After a book is ordered, Amazon prints it according to the client’s preferences (choice of cover type, print color, paper color).


Step 9 - Pricing


A book's price depends on many factors, with the main basis for valuation being the type of book produced. The least expensive is an eBook, next are audiobooks and the most expensive type of production is the printed version. A book’s price is also greatly influenced by its length, the number of illustrations and graphics as well as the amount of market competition. Our task is to choose the best price which is profitable while still being affordable enough to encourage customers to buy.

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